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COVID-19 Update to Tom James Clients from President & CEO, Todd Browne

To our most valued clients:

My name is Todd Browne and I am the CEO of Tom James Company. I’m writing to you today regarding our response to the COVID-19 virus.

First of all, we at Tom James hope you and your family members are well, healthy, and safe from harm's way.

Secondly, we know that you have been inundated with companies communicating their respective protocols for handling COVID-19.

But at Tom James, the service that we provide is personal and intimate in nature, which further elevates our responsibility to take appropriate steps to ensure your safety. (Your insurance agent doesn’t take your chest measurement. Your attorney doesn’t take your clothing to make alterations and adjustments.)

So while the following list may be redundant in some regards, we want you to know that Tom James is taking the precautions necessary to protect the well-being of our clients and employees:

  • We are installing hand sanitizers at the door of each office, monitored by an employee to ensure consistent use;
  • Door handles are disinfected 4 times daily;
  • Break rooms and common areas have been temporarily shut down;
  • Hand shakes, hugs, high-fives, etc. are temporarily off-limits;
  • Hand sanitation is encouraged before and after each interaction or change of environment;
  • If we discover anyone (including employees at other companies in the same building) with a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, the office will be shut down for deep cleaning;
  • Employees who are sick will not be allowed to report to the office;
  • Sales Professionals who are sick will not be allowed to meet with clients in person;
  • Sick individuals must be symptom-free for 14 days before returning to normal duties.

With every shift in the economy - including global health outbreaks - you and your business quickly pivot towards natural opportunities. Tom James is no different.

Our clients will always be pressed for time and will always want to dress for success, no matter the circumstances.

Because of our “We Come To You” business model, Tom James is uniquely suited to continue serving you during challenging times such as these:

  • If you would prefer to see your clothier at your home, rather than in your office, we are happy to oblige;
  • If you would prefer to conduct appointments virtually, using FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, and similar tools, we can serve you this way as well;
  • If your clothier is meeting with you in person, they will use a hand-sanitizer before entering your home or office, and they will sanitize measuring devices and tape measures using disinfectant wipes.

In times of crises, hospitals don’t close; instead, they expand their range of care.

Though we are not a hospital, Tom James is a company that cares deeply for our clients and wishes to bring a ray of sunshine, a smile, and a good feeling during difficult times.

So while COVID-19 may have forced some changes in your routine, Tom James is willing and able to adapt to serve you even better.

Our goal when all is lifted in the coming weeks is that you will have your appearance - and your spirits - elevated to make up for lost time and opportunity.

We remain honored and committed to your service.

With sincerity,
Todd W. Browne

From Our Clients

"My experience with Tom James was exceptional, and I suspect this is the standard with this company."

Custom Clothier Jennifer Kautzky

Jennifer Kautzky

Tom James of Seattle

"Alex is first rate. He brings a great mix of fashion sense and business sense to his work. Entirely timely and dependable. I highly recommend him."

Custom Clothier Alex Homer

Alex Homer

Tom James of Houston
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