Chuck V

Chuck V'Soske

Senior Sales Leader

Tom James of Tucson
7186 W Cape Final Trail
Marana, AZ 85658

Cell: 925-408-7147
Office: 925-408-7147
Email: [email protected]

About Me


Started 11/83, opened the first 2 NorCal Tom James offices, trained 7 President's Club members, served on the HDC Training staff, Marketing Committee, and Chairman's Club. Helped revive our Las Vegas & Sacramento offices, and reopened Tucson AZ


Bachelor of Arts, 1978
College of Letters & Science
University of California, Davis

Goals for My Clients

To be an essential resource for both my clients & partners. I bring 35 years of experience to every client meeting, and deliver a level of product quality & service this is without peer. I continue to help build our team in the southwestern US.


My wife Danielle and I have been married since 1980. We raised and educated our three children in CA, then moved to Tucson AZ to enjoy the Sonoran desert lifestyle. Danielle teaches English to non-native speakers, and I speak fluent Canadian.


We enjoy travel, cooking, reading, history, acoustic guitar, horticulture, and hiking,— and watching our grown daughters and son make their way in the world. I am a naturalist by hobby, and read National Geographic magazine cover to cover monthly.

Fashion Tips

Dress in a manner that is consistent with your audience, but never forget that dressing well is a sign of respect for present company. Consider investing a week's pay every year to keep your wardrobe up to date, and beware of outdated clothing...

What My
Clients Have
to Say

There are a couple of key advantages of working with Tom James. The first one is the exceptional attention and service that the team and Chuck provide. The second is the availability of ready to order tailored clothing of high quality - no worries and well made.'

Chuck V'Soske

Working with the Tom James Company & Chuck V'Soske is a pleasure. They provide extraordinary products with style and personal service. Being in the interior design trade I appreciate the fabric selection and tailoring details that are always so remarkable. Chuck's knowledge and enthusiasm to personally assist me with my wardrobe selections make every purchase a delight.'

Chuck V'Soske

Over the past four years, I have been completely satisfied with the fashion experience that I have gotten from Chuck V'Soske. My wardrobe offers me a level of distinction and separation from my peers - it's truly a competitive advantage. I now have a wardrobe that is individually suited for my tastes and figure. Couple that with Chuck's ability to secure out-of-run items from Ferragamo, and you have a true partner for your business and social wardrobes.'

Chuck V'Soske

I have worked with Chuck V'Soske for over 25 years. Chuck has always had great suggestions, was terrific at providing to me exactly what I wanted, created exquisite outfits from the most formal attire to the most casual, and always with a conscientious professionalism that never wavered. He has a unique eye for detail, for what is singularly appropriate for each individual, and combines impeccable taste with class and a great sense of humor. He is the consummate ‘mobile tailor' for the 21st century!'

Chuck V'Soske

Its great knowing you are in the hands of a skilled craftsman. I trust Chuck completely to not only help me choose the right clothes, but to make absolutely sure they fit me perfectly. I couldn't be happier and can't imagine ever buying my suits, shirts, or even my jeans elsewhere.'

Chuck V'Soske

I have been a customer for over 20 years, and now my son is a customer. The service is exceptional and the fabrics and attention to detail should satisfy the most demanding clients.'

Chuck V'Soske

I have been a loyal client of The Tom James Company and Chuck V'Soske for over 17 years. I truly appreciate Chuck's willingness to come to my home or business to advise me on suit fabrics, shirt choices, shoes and accessories. I purchase all of my dress and casual shirts from Tom James-the fit is always perfect and impeccably coordinated with the suits and ties. And since Chuck has all of my measurements we can also order clothes over the phone if I don't have time to meet.'

Chuck V'Soske

My relationship with Chuck V'Soske goes back 20 years. I have found his professionalism to be unequaled. I wouldn't think of purchasing clothing any other way. Fabric selection, tailoring and fit are always perfect.'

Chuck V'Soske

Tom James has seemingly endless product resources, including shoes, belts, formal wear, sportswear, even socks--all easy to see and choose from Chuck's iPad. My clothing is made to fit not just my physique, but Chuck's recommendations about colors and patterns give me strategic looks geared to the audience and the venue. I can go to my closet now and dress for any event from a night at the symphony to a company picnic, and not have the need to 'shop' for anything.'

Chuck V'Soske

It is a great feeling to have clothes that you know are of the highest quality and which really fit. Whether it be for casual or more formal wear, my experience at Tom James has been terrific. Chuck V'Soske and the whole team are always most helpful and they have a great eye for what would suit me. I am delighted that so many people notice their work when I walk in a room.'

Chuck V'Soske

I have been a Tom James customer for over 20 years. The process of selecting new clothes is very convenient and easy to fit into my very busy schedule. The service is excellent. My clothier is always very knowledgeable and helpful and the fabric selection and options presented to me are tremendous. Most importantly, I regularly receive compliments on my clothes from colleagues and from people I meet. What could be better than that!'

Chuck V'Soske

I have relied on Chuck for business apparel for a long time. He has come to my home and office to deliver the suits, shirts and ties and make sure the color combinations are perfect. On one occasion I noticed a small flaw on a new jacket. Chuck appeared at my door in a couple of hours, took possession of the garment and returned it two days later in perfect condition. Tom James is the answer to a busy guy's clothing needs, especially one who can't stand to waste hours in a store getting pressured to buy.'

Chuck V'Soske

I've known Chuck V'Soske since the 80's when I first started working with him at Tom James. He is a great guy and provides excellent service! He has worked on my wardrobe through several fashion evolutions and several of my career transitions. I have always been happy with the Tom James' clothes and have always appreciated Chuck's way of doing business and providing fashion advice. I can recommend him highly!'

Chuck V'Soske

Chuck has supplied me with fine clothing for more than 25 years. His personal service & back room support have been outstanding. I feel I receive very good value for the expense of doing business with Tom James. My garments usually fit just right after post purchase adjustments for which the Firm does not charge. I recommend Tom James and Chuck to those who wish to have clothing far superior to what comes off the hangers at a typical men's store.'

Chuck V'Soske

It has been an absolute pleasure to acquire clothing through Tom James. As a professional whose time is precious, acquiring clothing was previously a chore, however, with Tom James, it is an experience that I now look forward to. From the knowledge of salesperson Chuck V'Soske, to the vast selection of fabrics, to the delivery of the finished products right to your door, Tom James not only makes you look good, but they make sure you are enjoying yourself while getting there.'

Chuck V'Soske

There are certain clothing requirements that I want to be of a lasting and special quality. Chuck V'Soske and Tom James have met those needs extraordinarily well over the years. I often confidently leave style, color and other wardrobe decisions up to Chuck.'

Chuck V'Soske

For more than 20 years, from San Francisco to London, I have worked with the Tom James Company for my clothing needs. As a 6'5' former professional athlete, I'm limited when buying commercially available clothing. Tom James, as represented by Chuck V'Soske in San Francisco, has created suits and sporting wear for me using fabrics and styles which have proved to be not only superior in construction but also a great long term value.'

Chuck V'Soske

I have known Chuck for several years. In spite of my having moved to jobs with several different firms in northern California, Chuck and Tom James have remained a positive constant in my life! Always ready to serve with a big smile and excellent response, Chuck has consistently delivered (in person, at my office!) high quality clothing. I have recommended Chuck to a number of colleagues---they have all been extremely pleased and become repeat clients for Chuck. A solid 5-star (out of 5!) rating from me.'

Chuck V'Soske


Custom Suit Styling


Your Personal Clothier meets with you, at the luxury of your own schedule, in your home or office. Your time and convenience are our highest priorities.

Custom Suit Fitting Consultation


You and your Clothier select the perfect attire for your business, casual, social and formal needs - choosing from hundreds of cloths and a wide array of features and options – all made to your personal measurements.

Personal Tailors


Using a pattern that is solely and exclusively yours, Tom James crafts your garments to your exact specifications in our own facilities. From Sheep to Suit, Tom James controls the entire process.

Personal Delivery of your garmnets


Your Clothier hand-delivers your garments, making any final alterations that may be needed. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We will delight you, no matter what.

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