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Customer Cancellation, Returns, and Abandoned Merchandise Policy

Customer Cancellation Policy

For a customer to cancel a custom order or out-of-stock order, a cancellation notice must be given by the customer in the manner set forth herein. Notice must be given to either the Sales Professional who places the order or the Customer Service Department in Franklin, Tennessee by the end of routine working hours on the business day next following the day the order is placed by the Sales Professional.

The cancellation notice must be made in writing and received by either hand delivery to the Sales Professional or emailed to the proper address to either the Sales Professional or the Customer Service Department in Franklin, Tennessee in order for the customer to be assured of order cancellation and a full refund of payments made on the order.

This procedure is necessary to allow the company a reasonable opportunity to stop production and shipment of the ordered merchandise. In the case of custom-made clothing that is made specifically for the customer, the piece oftentimes will be put into work and fabric cut within 24 hours of payment approval and order entry.

In no event can the company accept responsibility for ordered merchandise made available for delivery to the customer that becomes unacceptable to the customer due to the customer's own neglect or unforeseen circumstances caused by the customer.

Customer Return Policy

Tom James Company strives for 100% customer satisfaction whenever reasonably possible. If Tom James cannot satisfy the customer, the company may accept timely return of purchased items in original condition for credit or full refund of payment. Custom-made apparel delivered to customer is not returnable if it meets at order entry specifications but may be subject to adjustment if the Sales Professional who sold the garment deems such to be practical. Shoes and ties are not returnable if worn by the customer after delivery and acceptance. Upon ordering non-custom apparel, and before delivery and acceptance, the customer has 30 days to inform the Sales Professional who enters the order of the customer's intent to cancel the order for the non-custom apparel. The company reserves the right to make reasonable efforts to correct any initial issues relative to delivered merchandise to the reasonable satisfaction of the customer. The company in its discretion may not accept responsibility for the return of delivered merchandise deemed unacceptable for reasons not the fault of the company or its tailors. It is the responsibility of the customer to accept or reject delivery of ordered merchandise in a timely manner following the company's giving notice of the availability of the ordered merchandise for delivery. If the customer fails, for whatever reason, to timely accept or reject delivery of ordered merchandise made available for delivery, the company reserves the right to consider the merchandise abandoned property and may use or dispose of the ordered merchandise in the manner deemed most appropriate by the company under then prevailing circumstances, in which event the company will not be responsible to the customer for any of the disposed merchandise or refund of payments made therefore, whether the company uses, reconstitutes, resells, donates or destroys the abandoned merchandise.

For the purpose of this policy and subject to applicable law and judicial order: The customer's acceptance or rejection of ordered merchandise made available for delivery will be deemed timely if done within 120 days of the date first notice is given by the company that the ordered merchandise is available for delivery, otherwise, the merchandise will be deemed abandoned by the customer. If ordered merchandise made available for delivery is deemed by the company to be abandoned by the customer, the company will give notice of such to the customer at the customer's last known physical or digital address maintained in the company's file on the customer. Upon expiration of 30 days after such notice is given, the company may use or dispose of the abandoned merchandise as it deems most appropriate under prevailing circumstances, and the customer will be responsible for the reasonable and customary charges incurred by the company to store and dispose of the abandoned merchandise in addition to whatever other obligations the customer may rightfully owe to the company.

Procedure for Reporting Copyright or Other Intellectual-Property Infringement

You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. It is the policy of Tom James Company and its related entities to terminate the privileges of any user who infringes the copyright rights of others upon receipt of prompt notification to Tom James by the copyright owner or the copyright owner’s legal agent. Pursuant to Section 512(c) of the Copyright Revision Act, as enacted through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Tom James designates the following as its agent for receipt of notifications of claimed copyright or other intellectual-property infringement:

By email: operations email address

By phone: 615.771.1122

By fax: 888.494.4846

By regular mail:
Tom James Company
Attn: Intellectual Property Claims
263 Seaboard Lane
Franklin, TN 37067

Machine Readable Benefits File

This link leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers. The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

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