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Daniel Wiebracht

Wardrobe Consultant

Tom James of East Texas
Diana, TX 75640

Cell: 630-222-0070
Office: 630-222-0070
Email: [email protected]

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What My Clients Have To Say

My experience with Tom James has been exceptional. The clothing is well made and the fitting process is easy and accurate. Daniel is always attentive to my requests and provides the level of service you would expect from a custom clothier.

Guarantee Bond Bank, Longview, TX

Daniel Wiebracht

My Tom James's custom made suits are some of the best investments I have made in my career lately. The suits are a perfect fit and I always receive many compliments on their style and good taste. I feel very comfortable in my Tom James suit which has many extra features that you will not find in an 'off the rake' suite. I am extremely satisfied in my Tom James suits and they have exceeded my expectations. My wardrobe is greatly enhanced because of Tom James. David Wiebracht, my personal Tom James representative, could be a tailor at any fine men's clothier and he pays attention to every detail. The convenience of shopping in my office, the education of what a fine wardrobe should be and value received are some of many reasons I will remain a Tom James customer. I would give Daniel Wiebracht and Tom James my highest recommendation.

Greater Tyler Association of Realtors, Tyler, TX

Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel is an excellent clothier. He will come to your office and outfit you with all your clothing needs. He is very customer oriented and will respect your time. If you are looking for great suits or other clothing and hate to shop, let Daniel do the work for you.

Attorney, Chicago

Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel was very attentive and works hard to please the customer. He takes a genuine interest in his clients.

PhyNet, Longview, TX

Daniel Wiebracht

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