The Tom James Company Story

Our Founder, Spencer Hays

A self-made businessman, Spencer took his love for fine clothing and his fine business sense to form the world's largest manufacturer and retailer of custom men's (and women's) clothing.

He traveled a great deal. He loved fine clothing and began thinking of the advantages of having an easier and more satisfying way to shop. The concept for Tom James and "We Come To You" was born out of that desire.

On March 1st, 2017, Spencer left this world, but he did not leave it unaffected. His influence will be felt for generations, not only directly from the relationships he had with his friends, families, and colleagues, but by every employee of the companies, he lead. Tom James Company's leadership continues Spencer's legacy by keeping his principles at the basis of our business today.

A Heritage of Artisans & Authority

Hand-sewn garments from Oxxford Clothing

Over the years, Tom James Company has acquired many of the manufacturing authorities in the custom clothing industry. One of the first acquisitions in 1974 was the English American Company, a custom suit maker that traces its roots back over 100 years.

In 1994, the last hand-sewn suit manufacturer in the U.S., Oxxford Clothing, became part of the Tom James family and crafted our highest make, Prestige. In 2016, Tom James transitioned the Prestige label to the “Oxxford Finest Quality” label.

Following suit, to accompany the purchase of the finest suit manufacturer in the world, Tom James Company acquired Holland & Sherry in 2003. Holland & Sherry had long been the provider of our finest cloth in our premier makes, so it only made sense to bring them into a company that not only honors their legacy but gave them the vision to venture into the luxury interiors market with Holland & Sherry Interiors.

Our Brands

Holland & Sherry Fine Cloth PurveyorsHolland & Sherry
Coppley - Canadian Suit Custom Suit ManufacturerCoppley
English American - Custom Suit ManufacturerEnglish American
Individualized Shirts - Custom Shirt ManufacturerIndividualized Shirts
Measure Up - Custom Shirt ManufacturerMeasure Up Custom Shirts
Gitman Brothers - Ready-to-wear Dress ShirtsGitman Brothers
Corbin - Ready-to-wear trousersCorbin Trousers
Brown & Church Neckwear and Custom Suit LiningsBrown & Church Neckwear

Holland & Sherry

Since 1836, Holland & Sherry has been supplying cloth to prestigious tailors and luxury labels around the world.

From its headquarters on historic Savile Row in London, Holland & Sherry provides the world's finest Merino wool, cashmere, mohair, vicuna, silk, cotton and linen cloth.

Tom James is proud to feature the artistry and tradition of Holland & Sherry, our largest supplier of cloth.

Holland and Sherry for Tom James Company

Oxxford Clothing

Oxxford Clothes is the last manufacturer left in the United States that still tailors suits by hand. It is the standard by which all other men's tailored clothing is judged.

In 2016, Oxxford Clothes celebrated its 100th year of providing fine tailored menswear to the world’s most discerning clientele.

The motto of America's most iconic clothing brand says it all: "Always Be Faithful to Quality."

Oxxford Clothing for Tom James Company

Our Mission Statement

Tom James Company is in the people business.

We provide opportunity for our people and serve the needs of our customers by creating a product of great value.

Commitment to quality underlies all of our actions and plans.

Our focus is on meeting our customers’ increasing demands for convenience and providing world class service... over a long period of time.

We are committed to growth... for growth sustains our efforts and insures our opportunity.

We operate with integrity as it is the cornerstone of our relationships with customers, vendors, and one another.

Questions about Tom James Company

Tom James has been a leader in the clothing business since 1966, growing to become the world's largest custom clothing manufacturer.

Tom James stands out in the custom clothing industry by fostering enduring relationships with clients and providing ongoing support for individual style preferences. Additionally, our unique vertical integration involves owning the mills where our cloth is woven and the factories where our garments are crafted.

Yes, with 90 locations worldwide Tom James serves clients in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Tom James maintains complete control over the entire clothing production process, from sheep to suit, operating only the finest facilities. This vertical integration ensures a steadfast commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. For instance, our shirt factory in Perth Amboy runs on 100% solar power, and the boilers fueling our mill in Santiago, Chile, are powered by recycled chestnut shells sourced from local farms.

Tom James revolutionizes convenience with its 'We Come To You' service. Clients can effortlessly schedule an appointment, and our clothiers will meet them at their preferred location, whether it's the office or home, bringing the entire experience directly to the client. Our clothiers take care of everything, from the initial consultation to hand-delivering the purchased items.

While Tom James initially specialized in custom suits, our offerings have expanded over the years to cover a wide range of custom clothing items. This includes jeans, shirts, outerwear, dresses, and more. Our commitment to quality extends across all aspects of men's and women's fashion.

Get Started Today!

Learn more about our product & services from a world-class clothier and see if a professional wardrobe service fits your lifestyle.

If we're a good fit, our clothier will meet with you in your home or office at your conveinience.

We use your zip code to align you with the nearest Tom James Clothier. We use your email and phone number to contact you and schedule your wardrobe consultation. See our Privacy Policy for details.


"Working with Sarina has been amazing. The clothes are great and so is the convenience, but Sarina's insight and her knowledge of the products make the experience. Working with her is easy and stress free and brings fun back into shopping for clothes. I highly recommend her."

Custom Clothier Sarina Brion

Sarina Brion

Tom James of Madison

"Daniel was referred to me by another attorney in the area and exceeded all of my expectations. He came to the office for the fitting, making the whole process more convenient. Daniel gave expert advice on the construction of a new suit for me and when it came in the suit fit perfectly. I would highly recommend Daniel to anyone looking for excellent fitting menswear."

Custom Clothier Daniel Wiebracht

Daniel Wiebracht

Tom James of East Texas
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